June G. -- Professional Artist

 "Tami, in all the times I have experienced your skills, I always come away with a feeling of being blessed. Your confidence, knowledge, humor, honesty, intuition, all play a part in giving one the understanding that they are safe in your hands, and that the journey of a class or a treatment will be successful. I highly recommend you as a practitioner and teacher.
I admire you greatly and always enjoy when I can be part of a "Tami" experience."

Katie U. -- Preschool Teacher


"Oh, Tami! You are just amazing. What a day yesterday was!!! I am still buzzing. I loved every bit of it!

I’ve already set up a crystal grid in my house and am reeling with ideas. Thank you for your love, support,  wisdom and deep healing. It is such a joy to be able to learn from you and work with you! I feel so lucky!

And thank you for this final push of belief and encouragement." 

Cheryl P. -- School Teacher

"Learning Reiki has brought so many special gifts to my life, that I can also give to my family and friends as well.  I feel that I discover so many new aspects every time I use Reiki.

I truly believe that Reiki helps me personally to ease through my times with  anxiety and depression.  I have never had to take any kind of medication, and I would not anyhow.  However, I still can't believe the feeling of peace, happiness, and elevation that I get after I do a reiki session just for me.  

I am so very grateful to my dear friend that asked me to go with her to learn Reiki I, three years ago. I am so very thankful for my Reiki instructor, Tami, and the extraordinary teacher that she is. Feeling very blessed."

Amy C. -- Massage Therapist and Life Coach

"I can't believe I didn't learn the art of Reiki a long time ago as it has really enhanced my personal and professional life. I also love that I can help myself become calm and relaxed in stressful situations, along with falling back to sleep at 3:30 am.

Tami, you are an amazing teacher and I admire your delivery skills so all can understand. Thank you for being you and opening my heart to Reiki and so much more. XOXO"

Kyle B. -- Orthodontist

Reiki... My wife wanted to take a class to help her through menopause and she invited me to go with her. How to define "Reiki then? I was skeptical... Non-believer... Now, as a Reiki Master, I can't share enough as to how Reiki has changed my relationship with patients, self, my family, and more so, the support I am able to give to my wife through this time of change. Thank you Tami for sticking with me and answering all my questions again and again." 

Jeff K. -- EMT

"Reiki is AWESOME! Reiki is HEALING! Reiki IS. And I'm so thrilled to be able to call upon the healing of it for one and for all."