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    Welcome! Thank You Thank You For following your heart and arriving here

    There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the healing work I support. I truly hope you will enjoy this site and if you have any questions, please  feel free to reach out.

    Not feeling like yourself?

    More than 20 years expereince

    Supporting clients to heal on the inside. 


    The belief is, if you want better health in your physical body you also need to look at your spiritual energy "Light" body. Once there, your life starts to flow differently and authentically. 

    If you're ready to Awaken to your Strong Medicine. Dance your Patterns. Weave your Dreams. Write your Poems. Sing your Stories. Paint your Beauty. and Give Birth to your Life. If you’re ready to Become YOU.

    I can help you get there.

    Soul Wisdom Healing Studio

    93 Thurlow Road, Lincolnville, Maine

    (207) 290-1496

    The Sacred Nature of Soul Wisdom Healing Studio

    What's Happening NOW. Woo Hoo!

    Taking care of me, helps me be there for you.

    Taking myself on a new journey through my own soul helps me step into the role of Sacred healer with new eyes, new ears, and new insights. I’m happy to be here for me - so I can say "I Am Here For You." 


    Shoden Reiki I Practitioner Training: June 6th

    Yep! It's a Wednesday. How FUN!

    Reiki Play & Practice Day: June 16th

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    Shamanic Healing with the earth

    Shamanic Healing with the earth