Past Life Regression FAQ's

How does a PLR work?

In a heightened state of awareness through a deep state of hypnosis, you become the objective observer as stored past memories and feelings are retrieved from the deepest part of your subconscious/soul mind. Childhood memories are retrieved from the subconscious, womb memories are retrieved from your soul, and past life memories come by accessing the higher parts of your mind and soul.

Each person experiences a past life regression in their own unique and individual way. Each session is tailored to what the client is visualizing and feeling and verbally guided through that life and into the best experience with the most healing benefits. With the help of deep relaxation therapy, and the ability to communicate while in the heightened state of awareness, only you can determine what contracts, vows, and agreements were made. Questions are asked according to what you the client is seeing, feeling, and sharing. As your guide we will explore releasing the old contracts, vows, and agreements, and replacing them with beneficial positive ones that support you in making choices that are in your best interests today. 

What are the benefit from having a Past Life Regression?

As a professionally trained Past Life Regressionist I have witnessed amazing shifts take place for client’s who have experienced the therapeutic benefits of past life regression therapy.

· View personal (Family & Friends) relationships with a deeper understanding

· Find “Soul” mates

· Make career shifts

· Deeper sense of connection to self and others

· Increased vitality and health

· Gain a deeper understanding of their relationship with money

· Reconnect and energize talents and abilities from the past

· Realease fears, phobias, and anxieties linked to past life traumas

· Release past life traumas causing physical problems now

· Understand and align with life in a more positive and harmonious way

If you have reoccurring issues in this life that no matter how hard you’ve tried to release and the issue still remains then you are a perfect candidate to explore PLR and Womb Regression.

Why would someone want a Past Life Regression?

- Feeling stuck in relationships, careers, with money, and in general.

· Constant emotional issues; betrayal, unloved, unwanted, ashamed, guilt

· Self-sabotage 

· Wanting to understand their Soul’s purpose in this life 

· Poor relationship with money

· Continued debt

· Illness they can’t seem to recover from 

· Ready to solve relationship problems with partners, parents and family members. 

o NOTE: the soul has the tendency to continue to share life experiences with these primary “soul group” people. It’s highly beneficial to heal these relationships

· Conflict at work and in social circles 

· Contracts, vows, and agreements that were made in a past life and carried with the soul into this life and are creating havoc

How will I know which life to enter?

It’s not about who you were in a past life as much as it is about the contracts you made as a result of that life and carried forward into your current life. The issue (why you’ve scheduled a PLR session) we work with will dictate which life you’ll flow into. You will be guided from within. Past Life Regression involves your soul spirit and is an amazing, full-sensory experience; offering profound opportunities for personal growth, insight, and true healing. Your soul is your guide on an amazing journey.

What if I’m making it up?

You’ll be in a heightened state of awareness where you’ll have the ability to see with your inner eyes and listen with your inner ears. There is nothing you have to remember as in this state of awareness memories, feelings, and scenes flow to the surface. And… my famous last words are “if you could imagine anything in the world – why this?” 

What if I don’t see, feel, or sense anything? 

If you can close your eyes and have a blank slate for a period of time, then perhaps teaching how to achieve a “Blank slate” to others is your path. There is never nothing going on. As your guide, I ask you to share the tiniest to the largest sensory you are picking up on and we go from there - Because, there is always something going on. You’ll be amazed as to how visions and feelings just float to the surface without you having to think at all. Actually, it’s more about feeling than thinking. When we invite the mental chattering mind to take a step back and invite the subconscious / soul mind to flow forward, everything begins to shift and flow into a space where you don’t have to remember anything as memories, feelings, and more rise to the surface.

I have seen Stage Hypnosis. Will it be like that? Will I be unconscious and not remember anything?

Past life regression, a branch of hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique for retrieving and understanding your personal past life directly. Past life memories are the autobiography of our eternal soul, our unique personal story that explains who we are now and why we’re here on Earth. 

No quacking like a duck in this session! In fact, in a heighten state of awareness we still have free will and the ability to choose for self. By making these memories available to the conscious mind, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us, giving us freedom to live more fully in the present. 

You are in full control. You can go as deep as you’d like. In fact, how deeply you relax is all controlled by you. Because this is a healing session, we want parts of your mental mind available to record the whole session for you to use and heal with. 

Tell me more about what a PLR session is like.

While in the heightened state of awareness, you will experience the past life yourself.  You see it, sense it, and feel it.  You are the main character deeply involved in the past life story as it unfolds to you. While in this state, you and I are able to communicate easily and effortlessly. Every detail that is shared invites in new opportunities for deeper healing. 

You might experience the memory like watching a movie. You might hear vivid sounds and able to recall certain smells. You may also feel real emotions pertaining to your personal story. Each and every sensation and emotion are very real in the moment, and pass ever so quickly as the scene and story begins to unfold even more.

Past Life Regression IS:

· Safe and Nurturing where you are in control at all times

· Highly beneficial in releasing old soul contracts & agreements

· Understanding in the way you feel, think, and sense about another in your life

· Especially effective for resolving fears and phobias and defining relationship problems, health concerns, financial instability, old patterns, and compulsive behaviors.

· Particularly helpful in solving relationship problems with partners, parents and family members because of the tendency to continue to share life experiences with these primary “soul group” people

· Comfortably and enjoyably enter a beautiful, natural state of relaxation

· Although you will be relaxed, you will still be aware of things going on around you and will remain in complete control

· You will not enter into a strange ‘trance’. All you will feel is beautifully relaxed throughout

· You will not experience anything that you cannot handle. This is one of the “fail safe” mechanisms built into human beings. Know that you are ready for this experience. You are much wiser than you are consciously aware of. The goal is to remember any of the “hard facts” just a little bit at a time, process it, and remember a little bit more.

· Leave the session feeling maybe a bit raw from the PLR tears and release, yet relaxed, calm and ready to step out and into the world with new eyes. 

· You will remember everything that takes place in the session

How can I prepare for a Past Life Regression?

It is important to have a specific intention. An intention gives you a something to work with, where you gain insights into yourself. The intention is usually the reason you’ve scheduled or are thinking about scheduling a Past Life Regression session.  

While some initially want to “just be open” to whatever they might experience, in my experience an intention presents more details that we can consciously put into place and brings in good results. If you stay with things that you consider problematic, you’ll be able to see how you’ve played them out in the past and what you’re trying to accomplish in this lifetime.

The soul spirit never disappoints or limits us. Creating an intention is for you. You will experience exactly what you are ready to experience. Be open to the possibilities.

Come to the session with a few intention ideas, and together we can define and shape your intention for the session. 

Intention Examples:

1.) Sometimes I feel stuck and lately I’ve been wondering about the contracts I’m honoring in this life from another life that might be holding me back. I am ready to release old contracts I made as the result of a past life – and begin to flow in life in a more fluid way. 

2.) I really want to meet that special someone, but every time I get close to commitment I become scared, I self-sabotage and end up leaving the relationship. I am ready to be in a committed relationship.

3.) I always feel so disappointed by people in my life. I want to understand a better way to acceptance. 

How long is a Past Life Regression Session and what are the costs?

A PLR session generally lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours in length and the fee is $150.00. The session is recorded and sent to you via mp3 – and into your email, where you will have 7 days to download it to your computer before it disintegrates. After you download it, it’s yours and you can listen to it a million times if you so choose to.

What is Womb (In-utero) Regression?


All our experiences from birth and even before are recorded in our bodies, minds and souls. A womb regression is a very special journey back in time. It is sort of an in-between time when we are moving from being a spirit with our soul group and into our physical body. This is a very unique form of regression that when done intentionally can lead to amazing revelations and great healing.

For most, the womb is a very safe, warm and loving place, hearing mom’s heartbeat, feelings of floating, or being wrapped in a blanket, and the comfort and quietness of simply being held. 

Sometimes the womb may be a very stressful time for the big souls in little bodies coming into being. Womb regressions may be the perfect application for those who struggle with fears, anxieties, and panic attacks. Often during a session client’s come to understand that the energy they’ve adopted as their own is actually not theirs at all, but what was happening for their mom and dad while in the womb. The womb became an unsafe place for this new little soul where there was violence, anger, fighting, hitting, drugs, feelings of being unloved, unwanted. Some of the fears and phobias that are experienced today are the result of what may have taken place while in the womb by your parents and their reaction to the action. 

During a womb regression, we are able to explore with new eyes, new ears, and an open heart and mind.”