A Past Life Regression Session is 2.5 to 3 hours long.

Costs $150.00

Each PLR session is recorded for your personal use.

Client's Voice


“I went to see Tami for a Past Life Regression session because there were some aspects of my life where I just felt stuck. I wasn’t sure how well this would work for me as I generally have a difficult time calming my mind enough to be wholly present in meditations. I was not disappointed. Tami is a very gifted healer and she was able to guide me through this process with grace. While journeying through early childhood memories and the past life, I saw everything very clearly, as if I were there. This was a very emotional experience. The past life which was impacting the one I live today the most was not one I would have chosen for myself, and had many deep traumas. She was able to guide me through many aspects of that and helped me let go of the contracts I was carrying into my current life. She also helped me identify some of the souls that are present in this current life with me and how the experiences from that past life carried on in how we do relationships now.  I had been unable to fully love my partner and unable to allow my children to live their journeys without “helicopter” parenting all due to things I still carried from that past life. Things are still unfolding for me, but I notice these most intimate relationships are becoming easier.  Something else I really value from the experience is the deep knowledge that comes along with PLR, and that we are not just here for this one short life, but many. It has impacted my ability to be more transparent with myself and others and live a fuller life. I have been able to see how that past life guided some of the things I have done in this one and it’s been a pretty eye-opening experience connecting these dots. The session continues past the couple hours in the studio. There are still things popping up and unfolding a month later. This is definitely a very worthwhile experience if you’re feeling stuck with some aspects of your life. I would caution that it’s not meant to be taken lightly. This has been a very emotional journey and has required much inner reflection and the ability to honor while letting go some of the pain we have carried with us. I’m incredibly happy I chose to be guided on this journey.

 It is truly life changing.” 

M. H. – Social Worker

"I had reached the lowest point in my life when a friend who had an experience that she could only call profound suggested that I visit Tami for healing. I am and never was a person who sought out healers. Instead, I had a therapist for twenty years. I am naturally skeptical, and though I highly doubted the work, I was desperate enough to try it. Depressed and anxious as I was, I was at least able to open myself to the experience.

Tami has such a gentleness of voice and soul, I just put myself in her hands. My experience surpassed all expectation. It was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It returned me to my soul which had been lost to me for years, and it gave me answers I had sought over and over and never found. It pointed to a future I could not have conjured if I'd tried. And it opened the way for me to begin again. I cannot thank Tami enough, nor could I more highly recommend her." 

Blair F. – Bookkeeper

“Prior to my session with Tami, I had difficulty sleeping deeply.  I would wake up between 10-20 times a night feeling like I couldn’t breathe. 

During our session it was revealed that in one of my past lives, I was murdered in my sleep.  Once this was revealed, I found that I have slept much better, and not as apprehensive at night.  I now only wake up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom. 

I have benefited from the sessions I had with Tami and would highly recommend her to you.” 

A.C.F. – Landscaping Owner

“For a newly awakened person I was freaking out as there wasn’t anyone I could talk to. I had so many questions and felt overwhelmed. Tami was so kind and helpful. Her healing sessions were beyond my expectations. My first appointment was for a One to One session and I was shocked by the results it gave me later on. Anxious no more. And, it improved my confidence and self-esteem. I've been wrapped into this sunbeam light since then and I truly believe people can see it. During the Past Life Regression, which I can say now has changed my life in so many remarkable ways. But as I left her office raw with information that needed processing, I truly wasn’t sure what impact it would have on my life. I am wowed! Tami is high skilled and she is a whirl of knowledge. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.” 

T.R. - Maine Business Owner