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Welcome! Thank You For following your heart and arriving here

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the healing work I support. 

I truly hope you will enjoy this site and if you have any questions, 

please  feel free to reach out.

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Energy Healing Medicine


Thank you Tami! We did some work a couple a weeks ago and WOW! Sending you so much gratitude. I’m so thankful our paths crossed. I’m experiencing really big shifts and an opening in my spirit like never before! The light is pouring in. And inner strength is growing each day. It’s something I can’t fully put into words. Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom and amazing medicine.  Much love and thanks.  - Stacey

Not feeling like yourself?

More than 20 years expereince

Supporting clients to heal on the inside. 


The belief is, if you want better health in your physical body you also need to look at your spiritual energy "Light" body. Once there, your life starts to flow differently and authentically. 

If you're ready to Awaken to your Strong Medicine. Dance your Patterns. Weave your Dreams. Write your Poems. Sing your Stories. Paint your Beauty. and Give Birth to your Life. If you’re ready to Become YOU.

I can help you get there.


What's Happening NOW. Woo Hoo!

Time for my own inner healing work.

I just had the most wonderful two week sabbatical off the Coast of Maine. 

Nothing but woods, Pachamama's ocean waters, Inti's sunshine, the winds, the moon, sleep, meditation, journaling, sand painting (that doesn't involve sand at all) connection with the elements, the sacred directions, sacred fire, family, love of a man and my best furred friend. 


Breathing deeply. 

Feeling Blessed! 

Energy Healing in Nature

Energy Healing in Nature

What Client's Are Saying

I imagine glitters of gold flowing out of my soul and into the universe when I receive feedback from clients. 

The emotion behind the words feel like BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING 2019 gifts. 

Thank you Thank you. This really feeds my nature and all of nature when I hear that healing is taking place for you.  Huge HUGS and LOVES, Tami

Pause, Let Go & Keep Moving

Dearest Tami,

I'm sending heartfelt thanks for this powerful, precious healing. Thank you for reminding me to pause, let go and keep moving on with light, grace and gratitude.

You are an extraordinary woman, and I am beyond thankful for the gifts I have gotten through our deep work! 2019 here we come!

I will see you again, soon, and wish you and your family peace and laughter through the coming special days.

with love,


Peace, Wisdom, & Understanding

Hello Tami, 

I can never thank you enough for changing my life and helping me to become my happiest self. I often reflect on my sessions with you and gain a new sense of peace, wisdom, and understanding each time. Your ability to unlock the best in people is a beautiful gift, and I feel so lucky and blessed for the healing and light you have brought into my life.

I hope to see you again soon! May your holiday be full of cheer, joy, and love!

Best wishes,


Bands of Power Empowerment

Morning Tami!

Thank you so much for the session yesterday, I feel like a new woman today! I just went into the bagel shop and it was so hectic, employees and customers were stressed and I started to get uncomfortable, when I felt my bands of power activate. The instant relief I felt nearly brought me to tears. I feel like I can live life now. I am so grateful for the gift you have given me. 

Much love,


Support Through the Chaos

Hello Gorgeous, My Amazing Business has shifted! Thank you for supporting me spiritually through this journey, it's  been quite the ride. I know this shift would’ve been much more difficult if I didn’t have you in the mix.  I look forward to our 2019 journey together. Who knows what will reveal this year...
Big hugs, kisses, gratitude and love. Jenn

Empowering Session

Hi Tami! Thank you so much for everything... I feel like a whole new person! Extraction? Soul Retrieval? WHAT? Who knew?!   I'm still in awe about everything.  Thank you and wow! What a experience! Look out World, here I come! Ryan

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