Shamanic Workshops


Who and What.

Shamanism is a step on our Soul’s journey that leads us to our own power, discovering a more authentic self, who we know ourselves to be. 


Every indigenous culture has its own Shaman. Each Shaman uses the strong medicine that has been passed down through their long lineage of healers. For those of us who are not native to these cultures - we seek it, learn the ways, and share it.


Each of us are healers in our own unique way, with strong medicine that we too have gained from our ancestors - who were the day keepers; gardeners, farmers, herbalist, midwives, story tellers, and more. In fact, we descend from ancient healers, Shamanic in nature. And these ancient luminous healers are always with us, helping us expand our consciousness, heal ourselves and live harmoniously with the earth.

Shamans journey. They commune with the spirit world, medicine plants, animals, the earth, the sky, and all the in between. Shamans journey across the rainbow bridge to other realms, they listen to the sounds of nature, music, drumming, rattling, they are the story tellers. Shamans harmonize with the four winds, the elements of nature, and the archetypes that guide healing. Shaman’s extract heavy hoocha energy, retrieve parts of the soul that has left, they illuminate the luminous energy field, help other’s live and die well, and they create ceremony.


Shaman’s use healing tools such as medicine stones and crystals, feathers, medicine plants, sage, Palo Santo, tobacco, cornmeal, candles, drums, rattles, flutes, and more… all creating their strong medicine. It is noted that every piece of the Shamans strong medicine bag or mesa is alive with healing energy and has its own master spirit that entered into it the moment of its creation.


A Shaman’s focus to help heal the earth and all her children, and to help others get well spiritually and physically by restoring personal power and energy. 


Shamans are healers who return people to their strengths that have been covered over, freighted, or shocked, or has been belittled to where it no longer feels clean to be in ones’ own body, mind, or heart. 


Shamans are the healers that sees what is needed to clear the psyche, clear the heart, clear the soul – so the soul can rest peacefully within the body. 


A Shaman is a Healer.


And... they help create life and inspire others to live life creatively. 

Shamanic Retreats 

Shamanic Retreats in Maine

Shamanic Workshops
Munay Ki

Strong Medicine Workshop

Energy Medicine for the Soul


When we go to our wild places 

It’s there we find our true nature


– Let’s drum, rattle, chant. Let’s reconnect with all the parts of self. Together, let’s hold Sacred space as we journey through the archetypes of the Sand-Painting Medicine Wheel. Here on this journey, we will step into the wild places within; releasing the weight of our own history and all that we no longer wish to carry. It’s here on this journey we will return to self, allowing our soul re-remember it's reason for being born. It's here we step into a state of grace of who we are now and who we are becoming. It’s here we begin to dream our dreams with new hope and possibilities.                                

 - The old ways remind us that every tribe has their own healer, strong medicine. Practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. We are not so far removed from these practices as we've come to believe. This retreat is about re-remembering our own Strong Medicine and applying it to our own life. The life we came here to live. 


Let’s go to our wild places...

· Sacred Fire Ceremonies

· Receive three foundation Munay Ki Rites:

·     Healers Rite: Connecting you to the healer within, and a lineage of healers that have come long before you.

·    Bands of Power and Protection: 5 luminous belts that are woven into your luminous energy field (LEF) and act as filters, to protect us… to hold us… to keep us safe in the world… so that we can live the real story that brought us here, walking with grace, fearlessly out in the world.

 ·    Ayni Karpay Harmony Rites: Where you receive seven archetypes as seeds into your Chakras, As you nurture and grow these seeds, you also begin to grow and evolve with newness.  

· Walk the "Spirit Catcher" wheel 

· Connect with 4 Archetypes of the Inca Shamans 

· Open Sacred Space

· Open Personal Sacred Space

· Drum and Rattle Journeys; power animal retrieval

· Journal work

and so much more.

Here in this Shamanic retreat long weekend we will be releasing, re-remembering, and stepping back out and into the world, empowered to continue our epic journey here on earth with ease, grace, and beauty.


shamanic retreats in the outdoors 

Shamanic Retreats in Maine


July 18 - 21, 2019 - FULL - Sorry.

Retreat from the world and Return inspired.

All Inclusive long weekend Shamanic Retreat on the Mattawamkeag River.

Off Grid powered by nature cabins and tents.

July 18: 4pm Arrival

July 21: 4pm Departure

$525.00 p.p.

Once enrolled a list of things to bring, and more about the Mattawamkeag River will be sent.

“We don’t grow knowing what we know. We grow by stepping into the unknown” – Chris Waters, Spirit if the Inca

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Monthly Sacred Fire Ceremonies


Full and New Moon

"Fire ceremony allows us to source from our soul and to re-remember how we have sat around sacred fires throughout time." Alberto Villoldo

Sacred fire ceremonies are offered during the full or new moon of each month when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, connecting us to a long lineage of medicine men and medicine women.

Anytime you are ready to release something or bring in something new, let the sacred fire be your guide. 

All are welcome to attend.

As my sacred land is attended to and ready - I'll post dates and times. 

Please check in for dates and times here or connect via Soul Wisdom Healing Studio FaceBook page. Thank you.