• Shamanic Workshops

    Growth Belongs to Those With Courage


    “Faith in our believing in something when common sense tells us not to” – a line from Miracle on 34th Street


    Shamanism is a step on our Soul’s journey that leads us to our own power, discovering a more authentic self, who we know ourselves to be. 

    Every indigenous culture has its own Shaman. Each Shaman uses the strong medicine that has been passed down through their long lineage of healers. For those of us who are not native to these cultures - we seek it, learn the ways, and share it.

    Each of us are healers in our own unique way, with strong medicine that we too have gained from our ancestors - who were the day keepers; gardeners, farmers, herbalist, midwives, story tellers, and more. In fact, we descend from ancient healers, Shamanic in nature. And these ancient luminous healers are always with us, helping us expand our consciousness, heal ourselves and live harmoniously with the earth.

    Shamans journey. They commune with the spirit world, medicine plants, animals, the earth, the sky, and all the in between. Shamans journey across the rainbow bridge to other realms, they listen to the sounds of nature, music, drumming, rattling, they are the story tellers. Shamans harmonize with the four winds, the elements of nature, and the archetypes that guide healing. Shaman’s extract heavy hoocha energy, retrieve parts of the soul that has left, they illuminate the luminous energy field, help other’s live and die well, and they create ceremony.

    Shaman’s use healing tools such as medicine stones and crystals, feathers, medicine plants, sage, Palo Santo, tobacco, cornmeal, candles, drums, rattles, flutes, and more… all creating their strong medicine. It is noted that every piece of the Shamans strong medicine bag or mesa is alive with healing energy and has its own master spirit that entered into it the moment of its creation.

    A Shaman’s focus to help heal the earth and all her children, and to help others get well spiritually and physically by restoring personal power and energy. 

    Shamans are healers who return people to their strengths that have been covered over, freighted, or shocked, or has been belittled to where it no longer feels clean to be in ones’ own body, mind, or heart. 

    Shamans are the healers that sees what is needed to clear the psyche, clear the heart, clear the soul – so the soul can rest peacefully within the body. 

    A Shaman is a Healer.

    And... they help create life and inspire others to live life creatively. 

    Know Your Strong Medicine

    It's not the healer, but their spiritual connection that's powerful.

    I invite you to open to wisdom that has been safely practiced for thousands of years. Shamanism teaches that nature can balance and revitalize and shift consciousness, opening us to the energies that most of us are unaware of.

    These shamanic workshops are guides to enhance your ability to seek and find your own strong medicine that will help you to uniquely step out and into the world fearlessly.

    Shamanism and Fire Ceremonies

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    Full and New Moon

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    Shamanic Weekend Workshops

    The Path of a Shaman

    Become a Shaman

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    Strong Medicine

    Shamanic Training

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    Advanced Journeying

    Power Animal Journeys

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