Transform Your Tomorrow

Ancient Medicine Traditions


The energy medicine of this sacred healing work is deeply rooted in ancient practices, bringing indigenous techniques into the modern world to reestablished harmony and strength, connecting you to your unique and vibrant self. 

The belief of Q'ero Shaman is that there are no “bad” energies. There are only “light” energies that support life, and “heavy” energies which cannot be digested. 

Energy Medicine heals the soul part of you. That part that isn't mended by normal treatment.

A mended Soul then informs the mind. The mind informs the emotions. The emotions begin to heal the physical you. And you vibrate with well-being.

Working on an energetic level reaches places like no other treatment can. 

The Spirit is Life

The Mind is the Builder

The Physical is the Result 

~ Edgar Cayce

Sacred healing sessions are designed to guide you towards restoring your personal power and energy. They guide you inward, to look beyond illusions, stories, patterns, behaviors, and conditioning and help step into vibrant health.

Each healing sessions is an invitation to step out of what was and into  what should be, giving you freedom from stuck emotions of past wounds. It's an invitation to move imprints of your past that are effecting your current life,  holding you back from your boundless power, unique self, creativity, inspiration, and wisdom. 

Please hear me when I say that your soul is a powerful great light, full of innate wisdom and intelligence,  and that it is ready, if you are willing, to come home to live peacefully in your body.

Now is the time. 

Now is the time to step into a new journey, a new phase of your life with a new design in mind.  A personal journey that supports your earth walk, your dreams, those you love, your community, and all those around you. 


NOW is the time.

You are the one you've been waiting for.

Creating Wholeness

Where Your Healing Comes First

Energy Medicine is about holding the space to step in and work our medicine differently. It's about finding what's needed to clear the psyche, clear the heart, and clear the soul. Perhaps with a new approach. Perhaps with a new perception. Perhaps holding a new vision of a healed self. 

The processes offered here have been traditionally practiced by ancient medicine men and women of long ago and help heal our Soul/Spirit parts,  shifting wounds into personal power, wisdom, and well-being.

SHAMANIC HEALING: Inca Q'ero Tradition

The Illumination Process

The Extraction Process 

Soul Retrieval

 - clearing the myths we live by

TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY                    - Michael Newton's Work

Past life Regression; shifting old contracts


The Natural and Gentle flow of Reiki

- where you come to relax and receive

Each session helps you tune into your inner wisdom in ways that support your epic journey. Whether physical or emotional in nature, disease in general, and pain in particular, energy medicine can support you on your path to wholeness.

Winds of Change

The Illumination Process


The Illumination process transforms heavy energies into light, turning emotional wounds into some of our greatest gifts.

As humans we have the ability to orchestrate incidents, experiences, and attract certain people to ourselves to help us on our epic journey. 

Sometimes, we attract to ourselves the same experiences and the same kind of people; re-creating painful experiences, repeating patterns and behaviors again and again.  These experiences, although tough, are an invitation to heal the original wound from long ago. 

The original wound is known as an Imprint. Imprints are held as heavy hoocha energy in our chakras. Chakras are the organs for the luminous energy field that feeds our light body. The luminous energy field is designed to help us age well and live our epic journey in peace and harmony.  When a chakra is laden with heavy hoocha imprint energy, it has tough job feeding the luminous energy field and we become out of balance and un-well.


The Illumination Process achieves healing in four ways:

· First, it burns up the sludge stuck in the chakras.

· Second, it combusts the toxic energy around physical and emotional imprints.

· Third, it scours clean the imprint in the Luminous Energy Field.

· Fourth, it brings about healing at the source, at the blueprint level of our being. 

The Illumination Process transforms wounds into personal power.

Once imprints are released and erased, the power of the immune system is unleashed and physical healing is accelerated.    

Once the negative imprint is cleared, the chakras are able to bring in natural energy to replenish the reserves in the luminous energy field and we begin to heal, age, and die differently. 


Energy Extraction

Shamanic Healing

The Energy Extraction Process takes place only after the Illumination process has cleared the luminous energy field. 

While the Illumination Process combusts most energies in the luminous energy field, some heavier energies are difficult to treat through the 

Illumination Process alone. 

The Extraction Process removes an interfering energy that manifests as the existence of a chronic condition, most often in physical form, within the individual.  

When heavy energies take on a solid form that embeds into one chakra, like petrified wood which no longer burns,  or a fluid form that moves from chakra to chakra, they need to be extracted vs. combusted. 

Solid energies can be formed by:

· Anger, envy, or hatred directed at us by another person

· Long time issues 

· Un-healed issues with others

· Continuous negativity in the luminous energy field and the body has become over whelmed

· Energies from Former lifetimes; how we died, how we were hurt, 

or how we were killed 

Fluid intrusive energies embeds within the central nervous system and can create anxiety, depression, addiction, mood swings, and other psychological and physical problems.

These energies do not belong to us and more often than not want to be extracted. 

The Energy Extraction Process 

takes place within an 

Illumination Process session. 

Soul Retrieval


Soul Retrieval is a healing process that returns the soul’s energy – the essence of you – and what is energetically ‘yours’ back to you. 

Soul Retrieval helps restore health on a very deep level and may be recommended so the luminous body can retrain its light and energy. 

Soul loss happens when traumatic events are experienced. When soul loss takes place, a contract is created that supports survival and safety around the wound.  

It’s important to understand that the decisions involving the contract were not made consciously and usually took place at a very young age and the event or contract may not even be remembered. 

During a Soul Retrieval session, the soul part that never experienced a wound is returned with soul elements, medicine gifts, and a power animal spirit to the client. 

Here are a few symptoms of soul loss:

· Feeling or thinking that something is missing and unsure how to get it back

· Feeling empty inside and finding the words to explain the feeling is difficult

Soul loss may occur in this life or may be carried into this life from a past life.

 It is safe to say that most people will incur some amount of soul loss throughout their lifetime, though most often it is outside of the person’s awareness.

Soul Retrieval is a healing process that brings positive mental, emotional, and physical outcomes to the client and can provide incredible, wonderful life changing outcomes that may continue to unfold for years. 

Past Life Regression

Tami Rogers

Past life regression is a form of therapy that sets you on a path of personal growth, new  insight, and deep soul healing. 

We are not born as a blank slate, but as a soul rich with both wisdom and wounds from many other lifetimes. 

As we heal our past, we also heal our soul, setting us free to live life with a new design in mind. 

Past life therapy is not so much about who you were in a past life. It’s more about the way you lived, who you lived with, how you died, and the regrets you died with. PLR is about the contracts, vows, and agreements you made with yourself as a result of those regrets and are affecting your life now.

“A past life regression takes you back through childhood, the womb and into a past life or past lives. the main value of a past life regression is to discover and resolve things from the past that are influencing you in some negative way today. There are primarily three things that we are looking for during a past life regression. We want to find the residual feelings and stored emotions that are triggered during your daily life today. As a result of past emotionally charged experiences beliefs are formed. These beliefs can limit how we live our lives today. The third thing we look for are old, out dated survival strategies. What did you learn to do to stay safe and get love? Past life regression is an especially effective process for resolving fears and phobias, relationship problems, health concerns, old patterns and compulsive behavior.”

The deep soul work of a Past Life Regression offers the opportunity to explore agreements, contracts, and relationships you made with other people in previous lives.

 This work can uncover the cause of repeated behaviors, the partners you’ve chosen in this life, your physical health, and what often triggers your reactions to certain situations.

These are my words - read what others have to say.

More & Client's Voice


Tami Rogers

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Did you know that images can profoundly create change in our body? Once we unearth an image that most resonates with us, healing begins at a whole new level. 

What we imagine

We make possible.

When we change the way we think, 

we change the way we live. 

We begin to see with new eyes, 

hear with new ears, 

and listen with new insight. 

We heal differently. 

We live life differently. 

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is about the exploration behind the thought that's feeding your body. It's about finding what works best for you and moving toward that. It's about giving you healing tools to support you in meeting your goals. It's about helping you change your life with a new vision. 

So, what IS your goal? 


Is actually a state of heightened awareness where you see images differently & feel these images in your body differently.  Everything that takes place while in a relaxed state begins to feed your conscious thinking mind new information; Re-Patterning stress, anxiety, and fear - so you begin to live a life that's important to you, while meeting your goals.

Hypnotherapy is not sleep. In fact, you'll be able to respond to me verbally upon request, and are able to make yes and no choice. 

There is no surrender of mind or control. In fact, a person who does not want to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized. 

You are in control the whole time so you can go as deep as you’d like. Of course, the more you’re able to relax, listen, visualize, and go inward the more acceptable the change is to your subconscious mind, helping you to achieve your goals. 

I assure you, you will not divulge any secrets or information that is sacred to you. You'll simply be relaxed and peaceful.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation" ~ George Bernard Shaw

60 Minute Sessions


Restore and Make Whole

Skype Distance Healing 

takes place when I’m in one location and you are in another.

With the dance of the four winds, the elements, the archetypes, and spirit guides 

a Distance Healing session is created.

The tools I am familiar with help me to connect energetically with you through the Spirit World, where a healing session will be conducted remotely with confidence that you will receive full benefit as if you were in Soul Wisdom Healing Studio.

We do this healing together through Skype, where we are able to communicate clearly. 

Please allow at least 1 hour for quiet time, and more time after the session for inner reflection.


Is a traditional Inca Shamanic technique passed down by the Q’ero for generations. 

In using Mesa Healing Stones, the Kuya Limpia is full body massage cleansing technique that clears accumulated physical and emotional heavy energies from the energy field, realigning your energy so the physical body can rebalance and heal itself.

This session is calming, soothing, and healing; shifting energy in your field that will leave you feeling cleansed, clear, rejuvenated, serene, and feeling lighter.

This session is done fully clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Usui / Tibetan REIKI

 A gentle healing technique that compliments all other healing modalities. This quiet and soothing Reiki session supports health and happiness and leaves you feeling relaxed, and peaceful. 

New Client In-take Form

Please download, fill it out, and bring it to your first appointment. 

Thank you.

Session Fees

90 minutes to 2 Hours: $125

60 Minutes: $85.00

Past Life Regression 2.5 - 3 Hours: $180.00

Hike and Heal 3 Hours: $180.00

Bring your session outdoors and to Bald Rock. Healing begins at the base of the mountain. The Munay Ki "Bands of Power" are installed on top of the mountain. Ending with a Chakra clearing and cleansing session.

Full Day: $350.00

9:30 am - 5:00 pm 

Includes Lunch

Business and Home Clearing: $150.00

Removes heavy hoocha energy from your place of business or home. 

Business Side of Life

Fine Print



Please plan on 90 minutes to 2 hours for a regular scheduled appointment. Shorter and longer sessions are available.  Dress Comfortably.


I am dedicated and committed to helping you be your BEST self. Once your appointment is scheduled the space is not available to another also in need of the healer’s services. If you can, I ask that you please provide at a minimum a 24 hours’ notice for all cancellations of appointments, this way I may be able to offer the space to another. If you cancel the day of your appointment something in return would be gracious as courtesy and good will on your part. Thank you for your understanding.


I stand ready to hold a very sacred, safe, loving and non-judgmental space for me to take a powerful, transformative healing journey.

I will keep our work together and identity confidential. I am not subject to HIPPA regulations. As a non-licensed professional, I am not and cannot be required to share your information with anyone.

I’m sorry, but I do not accept insurance. 

I do not diagnose.

As a Sacred healer, I can work with you on almost any condition, but I cannot make any promises for outcomes and I am the holder of space for you to do your healing work. I am not the one performing miracles, you are.

I do provide an expansive safe space to journey right there with you as a wise sacred witness and guide. You do the healing and experience the miracle of remembering who you are and who you are becoming. 


I accept cash, checks, credit cards, and PayPal.

I am open to some exchange of services for those who like to barter: massage therapy, gardening, chain-saw work, land clearing, mulch, and fresh eggs.