Client's Voice

Erika – Polarity and Massage

 “Sessions with you have helped me to come home to myself, and helped me to discover a greater sense of self-worth.  I always feel so well cared for during the sessions, you create such a safe space for deep seated healing work to occur.  You also really listen to me, and help me to discover what it is I am actually trying to say and embody.  I also really appreciate that you are able to hold the space for me to be me with all my hopes, fears, glory, tears and what not.  Thank you!”  

Marilyn; PhD. “When I first met Tami, it was as if I had always known her. That smile, those eyes, the grace and immediate comfort between us is something I will always hold dear... a “soul memory” I am sure. I want to share this with you; We walk through our lives and if we are truly aware of all the blessings around us, we are able to see, feel, smell and experience all the wondrous glory that the Universe, my God, has placed within my path. And it may take many years, but one day as we are walking we come across a beautiful sight that has all of the best qualities we ever hoped for. We get closer and it seems to welcome us, inviting us in to simply “BE” and share our own special glory within. And we enter. There is no hesitation as safety and inclusion is promised. Upon entering, there is a woman. She is calm, gentle and holds you in the aura of a mystical and magical space... Once you meet this woman, and share her space, your life becomes one with hers... and she is one with the Universe. Tami Thank you, for being that woman for me, and for the many times you have shared your wisdom in both physical and spiritual places. Your love has left an indelible mark on my heart and life️.” 

"R"- Author

 “Sometimes I get so busy in my head that I have a hard time slowing down and living my “real” life. Tami helps me untangle and uncover new solutions. With her gentle support, I am blending what I’ve always known with new (exciting, healthy) wisdom.”  

 Joel P.; Electrician:  "My "Soul" feels so free to simply be me. As Tami says "I'm now living with the original purpose, original energy I was born with." And this feels like "Life". I say YES to alternative therapies and to Tami Rogers. I feel honored to have met her." 

 Warmly, Erin M.; Midwife: “I’ve been feeling better since I saw you - more centered, more resilient, more like myself (at least, the way I like to think about myself.) Life remains complicated, but I seem to be able to let it unroll a bit more gracefully without so much reaction on my part. In particular, I’ve been sleeping more deeply, having dreams for the first time in years. I’m really grateful for the time you spent with me. Thank you so much.”  

 Anna; Registered Nurse:  “I wanted to write to tell you that the fear surrounding going home vanishes and my visit with my mother went really well!! Not an issue, not a cross word, we laughed, I twirled as my little 3 three-year-old self!!!  I was able to be different and she was different. I can't thank you enough.”  

Brian, Lobstermen: "I see Tami because a friend told me that she helps people make sense of their life. Yep! and so much more.. When my wife told me she was pregnant I was so scared. With my past hell-raising I wasn't sure how to be a good dad.  I am a better dad than I could have dreamed.   I am so grateful.

J. Begin; Registered Nurse

 “My allopathic doctor referred me to Tami and I have to say I was skeptical. I had never been to a someone that does this kind of healing. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I ever thought about energy healing in this manner. This was a new experience for me and I must say, the most life altering experience of my 55 years of breathing. I arrived at her doorsteps a very ill woman, feeling loss of hope of ever getting better. I saw Tami once a week for 8 weeks and not only feel, but I am a new woman with a vision of a long life ahead of me. I believe she saved me! She helps through love and compassion and saw me better than I saw myself. I didn’t even know what a chakra was, now I do my best to keep them (as what Tami calls them) open and vibrating at a healthy pace. Not only did she create special space for healing, she gave me tools and techniques to help heal myself. This is very empowering to me. She is an “Empower-er, if that’s even a word??? To live the life I am meant to live. This to me doesn’t include feeling like crap! Thank you Tami!”  

Alice - Social Worker: Soul Retrieval with Tami made me feel strong and whole so that I was able to create a new relationship with my mom. Had it not been for this work, I would have lost the best moments of my life with my mom.  

James - Botanist: How does one go through life never knowing who's guiding them from the spirit world? I did, for a long time. Since working with Tami to learn how to journey and gain knowledge of my Spirit Animal - I feel so protected, connected, and guided. I am ever so thankful for these new tools to self-healing. Thank you Tami. I am so happy our paths collided. 

S.L.M; Now - stay at home Mom

 "I felt stuck and frustrated with my life when I found Tami. I was looking for answers to find out why was my marriage was so tense and why I had been having difficulties with getting pregnant: why I just felt out of place in general. Tami is highly intelligent in her field and a very intuitive listener. I felt safe from the first moment we met. She really knows how to help you move along the path of self-discovery. Tami is a rare find among practitioners. As a side note; 4 months after healing sessions with Tami I got pregnant. My little boy is now 6 weeks old.”   

Brad B.; Voice Over Actor

 "Tami is a gift from God! She has helped heal numerous physical problems and gave me tools and techniques on how to help myself in other areas as well as repeat problems. I have also done lots of spiritual work with her that has benefitted me more than words can say. She has helped me to learn and understand how to take care of my soul as well as the physical body. Tami has always made everything easily understandable and will take time to really listen and gets right to the point on how to help. She has done more for me than any therapist, counselor, or doctor I have been to in my 37 years. Her work is unmatched and I am and will always be eternally grateful for her existence, help, and friendship."  


 “You may not realize the impact you had on both my son and myself. You were certainly one of the many people who supported us and inspired general positivity in the world around us. The one thing I admired most was the tenacity, positivity, and the ability to remain strong even when it felt impossible. Also - just to update you, my son has gained over 65 pounds since you last saw him. He is nearly DOUBLE the size he was before. He is doing so well in school. He even started golfing last fall and is looking forward to it again in the spring. You brought us through one of the most difficult times and we are so grateful! know that the work you did with us has planted a seed. We are still watching this bloom.”  

E. Adolf; US Coast Guard

 "One of the main reasons I choose to visit Tami is because she treats me as an individual. I don't feel like I'm visiting an office. I feel like I'm sitting down to have a good healing conversation with a friend. After my visits with her I feel completely rejuvenated and balanced. Not only is she quick to work with my schedule but she makes an effort to keep in touch with me between visits and follow up on events that are happening in my life. The energy she brings into the room is beautiful and a lot of times I'm unable to keep a smile off my face. "One of the best things about Tami is that she recognizes when to give advice and when to let you figure things out on your own. She will guide you in the right direction and set you on your way to healing but in the end, you are the one who truly figures things out yourself. She has got a gift of phrasing things in such a way that regardless of what she might actually be saying you walk away feeling grateful for her words of wisdom. The atmosphere is peaceful and full of light. She is accepting of anyone and any situation - You will never feel judged in her presence. And because of this comforting atmosphere she creates and the healing that takes place there, I have been personally able to make mountains of progress and decide on which way to go in some difficult situations. She is a gifted guide who will help you and support you on whichever path you take."  

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