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Far infrared rays are beneficial to one’s body, mind, and soul. It provides a feeling of deep relaxation, which can lead to better nighttime sleep, better joint mobility, and better energy for those who use it. As the body adapts to the Far Infrared Bed environment it becomes healthy, while the mind and soul become positive.

The rays, discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave for the body has helped so many health matters heal that the list of health benefits is so extensive that it seems too good to be true. 


LIGHT: The Far Infared light is close to the light frequency of natural sunlight, but without the harmful UV/UVB rays. Just like the sun, the infared warms us and makes us feel better. 

More recent studies show that the light stimulates the production of healthy cell tissue and encourages a faster healing time.

HEAT: Heat is known for penetrating deeply into the human body. The Far Infared heats through the 20 pounds of Amethyst and has the ability to penetrate up to 6", generating intense frictional heat by stimulating our cells to actually move. 

NEGATIVE IONS: Create positive feelings. Think about the time you visited moving water, such as the ocean, rivers, and streams and how good you begin to feel after just 20 minutes. Negative ions are most prevalent in natural places created by nature. Thunderstorms and windy days also promote feelings of well-being.

Once the Negative ions reach our bloodstream a biochemical reaction takes place and the “Happy” mood elevator of serotonin kicks in - knocking out stress and helps combat depression while boosting our daytime energy.

AMETHYST CRYSTALS: Crystals are known as healing conduits that enables positive light energy to flow in and the heavy energy of negativity to flow out. The amethyst crystals are noted to bring better health to the nervous system and are highly beneficial for calming mental chatter, detoxifying the body, weight control, and combating general sicknesses.